Providence House

Who We Are

Providence House is Ohio’s first and one of the nation's longest operating crisis nurseries among the 70+ in operation in the US and Canada today.  We offer free, voluntary (non-custodial) emergency shelter to children newborn through ten years old, actively living in crisis situations which place them at risk of abuse or neglect.

In our 36 year history, Providence House has provided support to over 8,000 children, and families in crisis. More than a shelter for at-risk children, we use a two-generation approach focused on both the child and their caregiver(s) to prevent child abuse and neglect, reduce foster care placements, and promote family stability

Mother receives counceling at providence house

What do we do?

We Protect Children – by providing for their physical, emotional, developmental, and educational needs

  • Free, voluntary (non-custodial) 24/7 emergency shelter to children 0-10 who are at risk of maltreatment
  • Evidence-based assessments, activities, and therapies focused on developmental, social emotional, medical, and educational enrichment

We Empower Families – by offering respect, delivering education, connecting resources, and encouraging responsibility

  • Unique, individualized parent education, mentoring, family preservation, and aftercare services
  • Intensive case management and counseling services link families to community support services, treatment, and therapy focused on developing safe, stable caregivers in the home
  • Certified Trauma Specialists provide interventions and therapies to address the long-term impact of trauma on child development and family dynamics

We Build Community – by preventing tragedy, promoting prevention to end the cycle of abuse, and strengthening neighborhoods with healthy families

  • Collaborative partner with over 40 public and private service providers in wrap services for family stability
  • Over 150 community outreach visits and speaking engagements conducted each year to promote the prevention of child maltreatment
Crisis nursery providence house about us

Our Campus

The Providence House services and campus have undergone significant growth and expansion in recent years to meet the growing needs of families in crisis who have young children. Our campus supports three distinct service areas in two buildings:

  • Elisabeth’s House The Prentiss Pediatric Crisis Nursery  (formerly The Wellness Nursery) - supports up to 10 children at a time (100+/year) who are in crisis and also have medical conditions. The Pediatric Crisis Nursery offers pediatric medical care and parent medical training in addition to traditional crisis nursery services. 
  • Family Center - is in a separate, secure wing of Elisabeth’s House with three dedicated “family rooms” for parent visitation, education, case management, and aftercare support.

Our Results

Last year, we successfully reunited 98% of the 326 children and 166 families served. A long-term outcomes study conducted by Case Western Reserve University (published in Children and Youth Services Review, Vol. 61) affirmed our belief that when parents are actively engaged in our recommended support services, there is less chance of their children entering foster care.