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Protecting children and empowering families is our daily work at Providence House.  And through this work, we build community. With your help Providence House is intervening before child abuse and neglect occurs.

Imagine what the headlines might be if it were not for our work and the work of our partner agencies. If the 6,000 children and families we’ve served went unserved.  In just one year, by keeping these nearly 200 children out of our local foster care system, Providence House saves our community nearly $10 million in foster care costs.

And too often, the children who enter the foster care system end up as adults in the mental health and prison systems. The cycle continues with more taxpayer money going to pay for the adults who grew up and into these systems. We’ve created a system to deal with layers of problems instead of properly addressing the initial problem: child abuse and neglect.

It’s not a big stretch.  Protecting a child from abuse and neglect is a critical factor in community and economic development. For every child lost to the system, to the streets, and to prisons we turn back the clock on building a better community.  It's time to turn it forward.



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