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The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS) has revised its facility licensing policies for children’s residential centers, including crisis care facilities like Providence House. We must meet mandatory requirements for bathroom, activity, and sleeping areas before the State will allow more children to receive emergency shelter in our Crisis Nursery.On December 1, 2011 the number of children in crisis that Providence House protects and cares for was drastically reduced - from helping more than 200 children a year to just 100. Despite emergency renovations in our current facilities, the State has re-licensed our facilities for only 12 children - less than half our previous 26 bed capacity - while the number of children in crisis is growing each year.

31 years ago Providence House made a promise to protect and care for our community's most vulnerable children. Each year, more than 200 infants and children at risk of abuse and neglect remain safe because we are here for them. Last year nearly 125 children were turned away; un-served because changes in State policy have forced a devastating reduction in the number of children we help.

The need is great — there were nearly 20,000 reported cases of abuse and neglect in Cuyahoga County last year alone. We must upgrade and expand our existing facilities to meet new state policies. We must protect our promise and continue to serve the children at risk of abuse and neglect in our community and we need your help to do it.



  ›What is the plan?

Providence House must expand one of our existing facilities "Leo's House" to meet new State regulations. We broke ground on this expansion on April 3, 2012 knowing that we could not wait any longer if we hope to meet the needs of children in crisis before winter. The project is slated for completion by December 1, 2012 and we must raise the remaining 10% of our goal to fund it.

Through the expansion we can meet the new State requirements, and also bring our children’s shelter and direct care services under one roof. This will allow us to:

  • Protect more children: up to 20 at any given time, and as many as 250 per year
  • Protect a broader age range of children: newborns to 10 year olds, instead of just newborn to 6
  • Keep families together: siblings would finally be able to share rooms during their stay, not separated in two buildings
  • Create more activity space: we will dedicate more space to educational, developmental, and play opportunities

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   ›How can you help?

We ask that you consider making a special gift in light of this new state policy requiring that we update our facility. Your gift will help us protect more children in our community and save us from making devastating cuts in our census. Help us close the gap on the remaining 15% needed by making a special gift today in support of our "Protect the Promise" Campaign to help us - and help the children who need us.

Please note: If giving to our special effort would reduce your ongoing support, please just continue to make your usual gift to us so that the children we are serving can receive the best possible care.


  ›Renovation Image Renderings

Download High Res PDF of the Renovation Rendering Images by Clicking Here




For more information or to make a gift to the Providence House Protect the Promise Campaign
Contact Natalie A. Leek-Nelson, CEO and President
216-225-5677 or email

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