Providence House


The PHriends are dedicated to promoting the mission of Providence House, educating young professionals in the Greater Cleveland area on the important role Providence House plays in our community, and encouraging their involvement in supporting the efforts of the organization.  

There are two ways to get involved:  (1) as a member of the larger PHriends Group and (2) as a member of the PHriends Executive Committee.  

1. Involvement in the PHriends Group will allow you to support the Providence House mission and also provide opportunities to connect with other Cleveland young professionals through tickets and invitations to the PHriends Group’s larger events, such as pARTy with PHriends and smaller networking events hosted by the PHriends Executive Committee.  You will receive regular newsletters and emails keeping you informed about Providence House and the PHriends Group and upcoming events for both organizations.  Members of the PHriends Group will also be given the opportunity to reserve a free ticket to pARTy with PHriends, our marquee fundraising event of the year.

2. Membership in the PHriends Executive Committee requires a greater level of involvement and financial contribution, but offers more opportunities to support the Providence House mission as a leader of the PHriends Group. Executive Committee members can forge stronger connections within the group and with the Providence House board of directors and senior staff.  Executive Committee members are given the opportunity to volunteer directly at Providence House and also receive complimentary tickets to pARTy with PHriends and the Providence House annual Deck the House event, exclusive invites to Providence House events not available to the general public and access to discounted tickets for various events held by Business Volunteers Unlimited (BVU) throughout the year.  

If you are a young professional interested in joining the PHriends Group or the PHriends Executive Committee, please review the Statement of Expectations below and contact us to learn more.

PHriends Executive Committee Members

Heather Kazmer, Sherwin Williams
Jim Kavalec, Safti FIRST

Megan Bernard
Sarah D'Amore
Karla Desso
Doug Eppler
Katie Eurich
Tara Fenner (Events Co-Chair)
Chris Garman (Membership Co-Chair)
Marisa Grill (Events Co-Chair)
Porsche Harris
Christina Hassel (Membership Co-Chair)
Samantha Livengood
Lauren McPherson (Marketing Co-Chair) 
Shauna Pinzone
Justin Whelan
Natalie Yakunich (Marketing Co-Chair)