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Providence House

Services for Children

Medical Care & Monitoring

Medical Care & Monitoring

Every child staying at Providence House receives a well child exam. Children with minor medical needs are served in our Wellness Nursery and are provided with additional medical monitoring and care.

Medical Care & Monitoring

Medical Support and Monitoring
Providence House provides pediatric medical triage assessment services when children first arrive and a complete well child exam within five business days of admission in our own Pediatric Exam room with all the equipment used in a traditional hospital pediatric clinic. In addition, Providence House staff schedules specialty appointments, sick child visits, or emergency visits as needed. When it is possible and a safe option, the child’s parents are encouraged to participate in any special medical appointments, but when it is not possible or safe, Providence House staff transports children to medical appointments.

Elisabeth’s House: The Prentiss Wellness Nursery
Children who have minor medical conditions stay in our Wellness Nursery. We have contracted with experienced pediatric medical providers for medical oversight and treatment for children with lower risk medical issues that do not require inpatient hospital services.