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Vision 40 Strategic Plan

Five Year Plan for Agency Growth and Stability 2016-2021

Our Vision 40 Plan is our blueprint on how we will grow to meet needs of children and families as we look ahead to our 40thanniversary. 

Vision 40 Strategic Plan

Here’s our five year plan for agency growth and stability, 2016-2021.

As we work with children and families in crisis over the next 5 year we willl: • Serve 5,000 children and families • Roll out our model across the state and beyond • Prove that our work has a lasting impact • Raise the funds to build a nest egg for our future We look forward to sharing our progress with you.

We plan to raise the dollars needed to build a nest egg for our future. We’re calling it our PHuture PHund. This PHund will provide a solid foundation to support our growth and expanded services through our 40th year and for generations of children and families.

In addition to meeting our “Vision 40” goals over the next 5 years, we must also sustain Providence House for many years to come.

We’ve already begun to do this. We are nationally accredited by CARF, we’ve partnered with a top research university, and our outcomes have been published in a national journal.

Our model is unique and we know it works. We want to prove the impact and look at long-term results.

We will continue to respond to crisis nurseries across the U.S. that want embrace the Providence House model.

There are 87 other counties in Ohio where children are suffering abuse and neglect. We will look beyond our campus and county to ensure that Every Child in Ohio has access to a place like Providence House.

We know we must do this because Cuyahoga County is ranked #1 in the state with the most children facing abuse and neglect. Our vision is that “children everywhere are raised in safe, loving families, free from abuse and neglect.”

We’ll also go beyond our campus to help families in their communities and in their homes throughout our county.

We will accomplish that by maximizing bed capacity in our Crisis and Pediatric Crisis Nurseries and expanding services to parents on our campus.

We will protect and empower 5,000 children and families in the next 5 years. This is a 35% increase in our current service levels.

Our “Vision 40” plan will guide us through the next 5 years to our 40th anniversary. We have 4 goals.

Here’s our five year plan for agency growth and stability, 2016-2021.

In 35 years we’ve served 8,000 children in crisis, but there are thousands more who need us.

5,000 by 40 Goal

Serve more local children and families in crisis on the Providence House Campus over 5 years

Providence House launched an ambitious goal to serve 5,000 more children and families in the five years leading up to our 40th anniversary.  We have begun new programs to serve families including a Community Referral Program to provide basic need items for families working with partner agencies and our Community Education and Resiliency Program to prevent or deescalate family crises.  Still, the need for our crisis nursery programs exceeds the capacity we have on our West side campus.  To meet the growing requests for support we have launched our Giving Hope for the PHuture Campaign to build a new nursery on Cleveland’s East side. 

Every Child Ohio

Launch the Providence House model in Ohio and other high-risk communities through a consultation-based approach

As Providence House responds to inquiries to support others in bringing our model to children and families to communities from around the country, we are launching a digital consulting and learning platform. We now offer a continuum of consulting services and have started a digital community to connect established crisis nurseries, crisis nursery founders, and advocates. 

Prove the Impact

Demonstrate the positive long-term effect that the Providence House model has on children, families, and communities

Providence House is an accredited, evaluated national model for child abuse prevention and family preservation through intervention, education and advocacy.  We continue to explore ways to prove the impact of our model through external evaluation, building a new services documentation and outcomes tracking system, and seeking designation as an evidence-based model.

$5 Million by 40

Continue growth, diversification, and reliability of revenue

As Providence House innovates and grows to meet the needs of our community, we continue to focus on growing and diversifying our funding. We have received new government grants and contracts and are pursuing other fee for service revenue opportunities. Our Giving Hope for the PHuture Campaign includes a $5 million endowment goal and we recently launched our Legacy of Hope planned giving program to further support the reliability of revenue for the organization.