Providence House

We Need Your Help to Raise $300,000!

This year, more than ever, we are struggling to maintain funding levels to meet the demand for our Family Preservation Crisis Nursery services.

Despite 42 years of proven success in our mission to keep kids safe and families together, we remain 80% privately funded and often face financial challenges that have been significantly amplified by the post-pandemic economy and recent environmental crises:

  • Inflation & workforce pay demand have increased our costs by 24%
  • Economic concerns are driving fundraising down across the nonprofit sector
  • Our largest government funder has decreased by 60% over the past 4 years
  • The crisis nursery line in the state budget was just reduced by $150,000

We need your support today to achieve our goal to raise $150,000 (or more!) to help cover our reduction in funding!

If we reach our goal, a generous donor has offered to match it, dollar for dollar - doubling your gift and bringing our total to $300,000!

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We realize you're probably wondering why we're facing this financial distress, given the success of our East Campus Capital Campaign. While we are incredibly grateful for the generous gifts that enabled us to expand East, the funds received through our capital campaign were restricted for construction and cannot be used to deliver our services.

To ensure full operations at our West Campus, we are pausing recruitment and staffing for our new East Campus. This was a heartbreaking decision as our East Campus Crisis Nursery is nearly complete, and the waiting list for our services continues to grow. We are committed to the full launch of services at East Campus once funding levels recover. 

With your help, we are confident we will prevail over this short-term financial crisis and hope you will join our efforts to serve the children and families who need us during this difficult time for Providence House by making a gift today

If you have any questions or ideas to share with us, please contact us at

We truly appreciate your support!