Providence House


The infants and children that come to Providence House face a range of crises which place them at risk for abuse or neglect. They are primarily from economically disadvantaged families in nearly 30 zip codes throughout greater Cleveland. In the past year 249 children from 122 families were admitted into our care and provided with 4,045 days of care.

Of the children who came to Providence House last year:

  • 35% were homeless or had unsafe housing.
  • 33% had a parent/guardian who lacked resources to meet basic needs.
  • 15% had a family member with a medical crisis.
  • 12% were in county custody.
  • 8% had a parent/guardian with a mental health crisis.
  • 6% were victims of or witnesses to violence.

Outcome Highlights

Our program goals and intended outcomes align with our mission to protect at-risk children and support families through crisis, strengthening communities to end child abuse and neglect through a multi-generational, trauma informed approach. Our Crisis Nursery programs are a vital service to meet the needs of families and children in crisis. Our results are clear. 

Family Preservation

  • 99% of children who stayed at Providence House were reunited with their parent/guardian. 

Parent Satisfaction

  • 99% of parents/guardians felt their child was provided with a safe, homelike environment. 
  • 99% of parents/guardians felt that their child’s daily care and medical needs were met while their child stayed at Providence House. 
  • 99% of parents/guardians felt our staff was professional and supportive in their interactions with them. 
  • 99% of parents/guardians felt their overall experience at Providence House was positive. 
  • 96% of parents/guardians reported that their bond with their child stayed the same or improved.
  • 71% of our families engaged in intensive family preservation services felt their family stability increased as a result of their child’s stay at Providence House.
  • 58% of families receiving parent education felt their parenting skills improved.

Program Engagement

  • 94% of parents/guardians were fully engaged and completed our recommended case management, parent education, and aftercare services.