Providence House


Providence House provided support to Angela, a mom who was five months pregnant and also caring for her three year old son.


Her doctor prescribed bedrest after discovering that her unborn child’s heart was not developing correctly. To comply with the doctor’s recommendations and ensure a healthy pregnancy, Angela had to quit her job, sell her car, and figure out how to still be able to provide for her growing family. After experiencing domestic violence from a former partner, she was also living in a shelter waiting for safe housing to become available. Angela had no other support and reached out to Providence House to care for her son and help her with housing and benefits. During her son’s stay, Angela was able to move into public housing, receive cash assistance until she was able to work again, and enroll her son in daycare. She was also able to follow her doctor’s bed rest orders and receive the necessary prenatal and maternity care she needed. Angela gave birth to her son at 37 weeks, which was several weeks longer than the doctors expected. Her newborn immediately received surgery to repair his heart valve and is now healthy and thriving. Once discharged from the hospital, Angela was able to reunite with both sons in her new housing. She continues to engage with Providence House in the Aftercare program to receive continued help from a Providence House social worker to enroll her newborn in daycare and secure employment to care for her family.

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