Providence House

Making a Stock Gift

You can support our mission through the donation of stocks or appreciated assets and make a significant impact on Providence House while maximizing your potential tax benefits and avoiding paying tax on capital gains on these assets. 

You can be sure that the full amount of your gift and/or asset goes directly toward our mission to provide direct and loving care to children and families in our community.

Using the form linked below, you can initiate a Stock Gift transfer and help prepare Providence House for the year ahead!

 Steps for Making a Stock Gift:

1.  Download this form, and provide the Bank information, DTC number, and Account Number for Providence House to your broker or account manager.

2.  Indicate the number and/or value of shares that you intend to transfer to Providence House.

3.  Contact Providence House at or 216.651.5982 x278 to notify us of the incoming gift details so we can appropriately credit and thank you for your generosity!