Providence House

Our New Thank You Letter Process

Providence House strives to be the best steward of every gift we receive to support our children and families. We appreciate you entrusting us with your gifts, as they mean so much to us and truly make a difference in the lives of our babies and children!

To stretch every gift we receive and maximize your support of our mission, we are making changes to our thank you letter process. Due to escalating costs for paper supplies, printing, and postage, we will be limiting the number of printed thank you letters we send beginning in October 2022. 

This change will ensure every dollar you give goes toward the direct care of children and services to families in crisis. We are deeply grateful for your patience and understanding as we make this change. 

All donors will still receive an annual gift statement for tax purposes.

Sign Up to Receive Digital Thank You Letters

Please share your name and email address with us to opt out of receiving printed and mailed thank you letters and receive digital acknowledgments instead. Also, please share how often you would like to receive acknowledgments.