Providence House

Our Crisis Nursery Approach

Since our founding in 1981, Providence House has cared for more than 14,000 children and families in crisis. We deliver a holistic, integrated program focused on the goals of child abuse prevention and family preservation.

Our multi-generational approach centered on both the child and their parents/guardians has been proven to effectively prevent child abuse and neglect and reunite families with greater strength and stability.

Providence House is Greater Cleveland’s only free, voluntary, non-custodial program. We provide emergency shelter, direct care, and medical care and monitoring to at-risk children aged newborn through twelve years old when their parents/guardians are not able to care for them due to crises. Children benefit from the home-like environment provided by one of our two crisis nurseries:

Leo’s House - supports our traditional Crisis Nursery services for up to 20 children at a time.

Elisabeth’s House - our Pediatric Crisis Nursery, which supports up to 10 children at a time who also have medical conditions.

While children stay in our nurseries, Licensed Social Workers work with parents and guardians through family preservation services to provide support, guidance, and education to address each family’s specific needs. Our community-based support services extend this programming beyond our campus, allowing families in partner organizations to build safety nets and preventative solutions before the need for our nurseries arises.

Our unique program is a comprehensive service based on more than 40 years of experience, the latest research in our industry, and proven evidence-based programs and practices that can help prevent child abuse and neglect, reduce foster care placements, and strengthen families.

Providence House - Leo's House Mini Gym

Leo's House

Providence House - Elisabeth's House The Prentiss Wellness Nursery

Elisabeth's House