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Providence House is an outcomes-focused learning organization. We regularly assess the effectiveness of our services through weekly staff/team meetings, family team meetings, ongoing communication and collaboration with our referral agencies, and frequent reviews of program outcomes.

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We track and analyze statistics regarding children’s profiles, reasons for admission, family reunion at time of discharge, engagement in required services, and outcomes. This information is used as a method of quality assurance and helps guide our program development.

Success Stories

We are making progress every day towards strengthening family stability and ending the cycle of abuse. We know that it can happen and that it can last. 

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Noteworthy Results

Our program goals, objectives, and intended outcomes align with our mission to protect at-risk children and support families through crisis, strengthening communities to end child abuse and neglect. Last year, 99% of children were reunited with their parent or guardian and 68% of our highest-risk families stated their family stability increased as a result of their child’s stay at Providence House.

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The Crisis Nursery model is an effective and proven early intervention resource, which can strengthen and preserve families and help children achieve their optimum potential throughout their lives. 

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