Providence House


A place to turn for help

Posted November 27, 2012 in Articles

The Providence House in Cleveland offers assistance to parents who are going through a crisis. "Typically moms call because they're homeless or utilities have been turned off. Mom needs support for her own mental... read more

Kids at the Center of Her Mission

Posted September 01, 2012 in Articles

Many parents are fortunate enough to have a support system for their children. If there’s an emergency, they can count on family or friends to look after their young ones. But some parents are not... read more

Providence House CEO Natalie Leek-Nelson leads with vision, compassion and skill

Posted August 24, 2012 in Articles

Natalie Leek-Nelson doesn't look at the world in a normal way. Artists, teachers and gifts from God are like that, and she's been called all three. The first two are easily documented: A Cleveland Institute of... read more

Better futures for foster children in Ohio

Posted July 19, 2012 in Articles

In Cleveland, Ohio, Providence House is one of only 78 crisis nurseries in the nation serving the most vulnerable Americans by offering free, voluntary placements for emergency shelter to children who are newborn through five... read more

My Town: Volunteers to Build New Providence House Playground

Posted July 18, 2012 in Articles

CLEVELAND, Ohio – More than 200 volunteers will pitch in on Friday, July 20 to build a playground for the children of Providence House, an organization which offers emergency shelter and care to children at... read more