Providence House

Facts & Stats

Who We Serve

Families seeking support from Providence House are facing major crises that affect their ability to provide for their child's basic needs.

Most of the families we serve (88%) are living at or below the Federal Poverty Line.

Last year we supported 174 children from 84 families. Of the children who came to Providence House:

  • 40% had a caregiver who lacked resources to meet basic needs
  • 31% were homeless or had unsafe housing
  • 23% had a family member with a medical crisis
  • 13% had a caregiver with a mental health crisis
  • 10% were victims of or witnesses to violence

What We Do

At Providence House, our services and supports help families address immediate needs and achieve stability.

  • We Protect Children by providing for their physical, emotional, developmental, and educational needs.
  • We Support Families by connecting them to resources, cultivating nurturing practices, and encouraging responsibility.
  • We Strengthen Communities  by advocating for underserved families and demonstrating the lasting impact of prevention.


Our services are positively impacting children and families. In the past year:

  • 100% of children were reunited with their parent or guardian
  • 98% reported having a positive experience with Providence House
  • 98% of families felt their child was provided with a safe, homelike environment at Providence House
  • 95% of families felt their child's daily care and medical needs were met while they were with us

We know our services also effect long-term safety and stability of the children we serve. Learn more.