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Posted November 27, 2012 in Articles

The Providence House in Cleveland offers assistance to parents who are going through a crisis.

"Typically moms call because they're homeless or utilities have been turned off. Mom needs support for her own mental health needs," says Education Manager Summer Wiggins.

Wiggins helps to get mothers the help they need, 10-to-15% of those people are teen moms looking for a place for their children to temporarily stay while they get their lives back together.

"We understand that sometimes parenting is difficult, and if you're not aware of the resources that are out there sometimes it can be stressful," says Wiggins.

Wiggins says that's when it's time to admit you can't do it alone. She says that it can be scary for a lot of people, but, the bottom line is to do what's right for your child.

"Kind of overcome those fears that you have of putting yourself out there and making people understand that you don't have it all together right now and you need some help."

For more information on the Providence House call (216) 651- 5982.

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