Providence House

Family Trauma Services

As a Trauma Informed Care Environment, Providence House understands that traumatic experiences can have a significant impact on the children and families we serve.

Family Trauma Services

Families seeking support from Providence House typically face more than one crisis leading up to their children’s stay in the Crisis Nursery which may cause fear, terror, or worry in for both the children and their parents. Even frequent moving, unsafe housing, or medical and mental health treatment, while not violent incidents, can still be traumatic.

We provide service to children in response to the trauma of having been homeless, of being temporarily separated from their parent, of having a parent who is chronically ill, of witnessing violence, among other crisis situations. In addition, many of our parents experienced trauma as children, have been physically or emotionally harmed by a partner, have been chronically homeless, or have suffered other traumatic events. We have one Advanced Certified Trauma Practitioner on staff and train all staff and volunteers to work to address and alleviate the symptoms of trauma for both our parents and children.

Trauma Screening, Assessment, and Interventions
A Licensed Social Worker screens and reviews each child and adult’s trauma history. A trauma assessment is completed if there is a trauma history and active symptoms related to trauma in the past 30 days. If the assessment indicates a need, intervention is provided onsite or a referral is made for ongoing support. Sensory-based trauma interventions are provided for children as needed, and parents receive psychoeducation on trauma.