Providence House

Services for Children

We use a two-generation approach focused on both the child and their family. Read more about our Crisis Nursery approach.

Providence House provides emergency shelter and crisis care to children newborn to twelve years old. We are licensed by the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services to operate 24/7 and can serve up to 20 children at a time in our traditional Crisis Nursery (300 per year). The Pediatric Crisis Nursery (formerly The Wellness Nursery) can serve an additional 10 children at a time (100 per year) who also have medical needs.

Child eating

Each child receives their own bed or crib and personal storage areas and a nutritious diet of three meals a day and two healthy snacks.

At Providence House, children find safety and comfort in a home-like setting before abuse or neglect occurs while we connect families to partner community organizations to stabilize family crisis, improve parenting skills, and preserve the family or find alternative long-term care for children. Children live with us from 24 hours up to 60 days (with a 90 day option in certain cases) until they are safely reunited with their own family or admitted in other long-term care settings. During their stay, children receive free shelter, basic personal necessities, medical care, developmental and educational enrichment –and most important – unconditional love.

Providence House Child Development