Providence House


Providence House protects at-risk children and supports families through crisis, strengthening communities to end child abuse and neglect.


Children everywhere are raised in safe, loving families free from abuse and neglect.

Providence House Crisis Nursery, Our Mission

Guiding Principles

We are energized by our work, resilient in difficult times, and unified in our devotion and determination to end child abuse and neglect while making the lives of our families better.

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethics and rigorously assess our activities to preserve credibility and continuously improve.

We learn from ourselves and others, adopt best practices, share our accomplishments, and build trust to achieve the highest standards in our industry as pioneers in the crisis nursery field.

We actively welcome, listen to, and engage everyone honestly and openly about the challenges and opportunities that we confront and embrace each day.

We believe serving children and families in crisis is our calling, and it is our duty to keep an open heart and mind to their struggles and join them in advocating for their success.