Providence House

Frequently Asked Questions

Providence House Services and Our Clients

How many children does Providence House serve?

How long can children stay?

Do parents stay at Providence House, too? Why don't parents live at Providence House?

How does Providence House help children?

Do school-aged children go to school?

What happens when a child is too old for Providence House?

What happens when a family needs help and there is no space at Providence House? Is there a waiting list?

How often do children come back?

Are the kids sad?

Do parents come to see their children?

How do families get referred to Providence House?

Do parents drop off their kids and never come back?

Does Providence House release children back to parents if the situation is not good? Does Providence House place children for adoption?

Is Providence House affiliated with the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS)? Are children in county custody?

Funding, Donations, and Volunteers

How much of my money is used for direct services?

Does Providence House receive government funding?

Does Providence House accept used items?

Can I donate my child’s car seat?

Can I come and read to the children today? Can I just come by and rock the babies?